Max Schaaf

Where you from: Pittsburg, PA
Hometown now: Oakland, CA
Local legend: Clint Eastwood
When did you start surfing: February 20, 2015
When did you start skating: 1985 
First skateboard: Santa Cruz jammer 
Favorite surfboard: 7'0 Chuck Liddle
If America were great again, we would: not be in our current situation
Best surf spot: The spot just south of Leo Carillo State Park
Best skate spot: The widow maker
Who's got hot moves: Tyler Boy, Josh, Barry, and Yuji 
Haiku: Gazoontite 
Biggest fear: Swimming with bow-legged women

Elissa Steamer

Where you from: Fort Myers, FL
Hometown now: San Francisco, CA
Local legend: Tim Mott, Mark Taddeo, Deion Sanders

When did you start surfing: 2009 
When did you start skating: 1985 
First skateboard: I had a few plastic free former type boards when I was real young.  I got a hold of a Ken Park deck one time with no wheels.  A Variflex set up once.  I guess it was a Powell Skull & Sword with Thunders and Alva rocks
Favorite surfboard: A little quad fish that my friend Jack made 
If America were great again, we would: be stoked
Best surf spot: Ocean Beach, SF
Best skate spot: City hall/Love park.  Cement Jump Ramp for life!
Who's got hot moves: So many people.  Even when the moves ain't that hot I tend to like 'em 
Haiku:  How many emcees - gonna get dissed today B - how many emcees? 
Biggest fear: That if people really know me they won't love me



Danny Dicola

Where you from: Leucadia, CA
Hometown now: Carlsbad, CA
Local legend: Micah Mattson. Could you spell check that please? Thanks
When did you start surfing: 1988 
When did you start skating: 1987 
First skateboard: Mike McGill deck with trackers and slime balls  
Favorite surfboard: short & wide
If America were great again, we would: stop littering and stop saying we are the best country in the world.  I hate that
Best surf spot: Velzy Land North Shore, HI
Best skate spot: pools, ditches, ponds.  Anything built for water
Who's got hot moves: Eric Winkowski
Haiku: Those who talk don't know, and those who know don't talk
Biggest fear: Trying anything switch on a handrail

Chad Bartie

Where you from: Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads, Australia
Hometown now: Encinitas and Santa Barbara, CA
Local legend: There's only one, OCCY
When did you start surfing: On and off around 15 years old
When did you start skating: Skating started at 8 years old
First skateboard: First US board was a Hosoi 9" rising sun red and white
Favorite surfboard: Stringer twin fin I had shaped off an original I have in Australia, funnest board ever
If America were great again, we would: Hahahaha the people need to come together and monitor the fed reserve and private bankers.  Presidents are puppets.  It's a dream the cogs are too big and churning with momentum faster than anyone can imagine.  Go surf go skate enjoy life stay comfortably numb
Best surf spot: Gold Coast Australia hands down
Best skate spot: My old back yard mini ramp my dad and brother built when I was 12
Who's got hot moves: John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
Haiku: Have to think of one
Biggest fear: Limiting myself in any way of (thinking, feeling, understanding, personal capability).  Once consciously aware there is never going back

Collin Provost

Where you from: Huntingon Beach, CA
Hometown now: Vista, CA
Local legend: Tosh Townend
When did you start surfing: I was like 3 or 4 with my pops
When did you start skating: around 3, I would just push around on one and started it all
First skateboard: Powell complete
Favorite surfboard: My first one that my pops shaped and it had Chucky from the rug rats air sprayed on it
If America were great again, we would: If this means that Trump is President then we are all fucked.  But I think it's great right now
Best surfspot: The rock in Oceanside
Best skatespot: Prince park
Who's got hot moves: Figgy
Haiku: I don't know what that is
Biggest fear: Not skating again


Zach Miller

Matt Mumford

Where you from: Rockhampton, Australia
Hometown now:
North County, California
Local legend: 
Wally from Wally World
When did you start surfing: 
When I was about 14
When did you start skating:
When I was about 13 
First skateboard:
Fiberglass tooth pick 
Favorite surfboard: 
My sidewalk surfboard
If America were great again, we would: 
Make skateboarding great again
Best surf spot: 
Fingle mate
Best skate spot: 
El Gorta, Spain
Who's got hot moves:
Mike Conroy 
I'm ya huckleberry 
Biggest fear: 

Salman Agah

Where you from: Washington D.C.
Hometown now:
Long Beach, CA
Local legend:
Kevin Ancell
When did you start surfing:
8 or so years ago
When did you start skating:
Got my first board in 1978 so a long time ago. Can’t count that hight.
First skateboard:
I had a red plastic board with red urethane wheels that my dad bought for me in Ocean City, MD.
Favorite surfboard:
Christenson Gerr
If America were great again…:
I think it’s been pretty great thus far, perhaps a revisit of the fundamentals would be nice.
Best surf spot:
I’m a kook, but not that kook.
Best skate spot:
Anywhere outside
Who’s got hot moves:
Flour on my arms, catching aerial, waves crashing.
Biggest fear:
Being to hurt to surf.


Jason Jessee

Rob Welsh

Where you from: Portland Maine
Hometown now:  Leucadia
Local legend: Ajax
When did you start surfing: '92
When did you start skating: 1984   
First skateboard: Gator 
Favorite surfboard: Cutter
If America were great again, we would: 
Best surf spot: Kelly's  
Best skate spot: EMB
Who's got hot moves: Elissa Steamer 
Haiku: I don't know. Never done one
Biggest fear: